Volunteer In Nepal

We always welcome any help from your side to better the society we live in. Bomjan Foundation has been gaining momentum and providing food, shelter, and basic clothing facilities to marginalized communities and poor people, living in Solukhmbu since the past few years. We hence would extremely appreciate the help provided by our esteemed clients on the same matter. Volunteer for bettering the life of the communities, and play your role in making the society a better place to live in, for these people.


Volunteering can include any kind of help. If you wish, you can manually help establish facilities for these people, or help us in a monetary manner, so that we can utilize your help to build a better future and better living style for these children. Wearable clothes, books, and other necessary materials are also highly appreciated forms of help. Another important form of help is teaching. You can be a part of the team of volunteers that help in teaching activities so that the life of children living in these areas becomes better.


Volunteers can be specifically trained in the areas of medicine, education or emergency rescues. Volunteerism is an important means of engaging and tackling chances in the development practices and playing your part in making the world a better place. Volunteering activities are the perfect ways to bring knowledgeable and compassionate people into target areas, to use their help in bettering the education, lifestyle and other facilitation of individuals.


Volunteer for the Bomjan Foundation and help the children from poor and marginalized communities smile again. Play your part in making the world a better place to live in. Contact us and we can direct you to the areas that need your help. Join hands with us in making the world a better place to live in.p