Yoga Trek

Trip Introduction

We are pioneer of yoga trekking visits in Nepal. Our concept of consolidating yoga with trekking was conceived in 2002 and we have been energetic in sorting out yoga treks and visits in Nepal since 2011. Many individuals come to Nepal to encounter the excellence and enchantment of trekking in the Himalayas and at, as gifted trekking guides and enthusiastic yoga instructors, we needed to offer individuals a superior approach to experience a portion of the world’s most stunning landscape.


After much testing and investigation on the most proficient method to incorporate trekking and yoga, we found a triumphant equation. Our yoga treks and visits have been painstakingly intended to consolidate the best components of each.


The day begins with a short reflection and a tender yoga session to stir you to the excellence that encompasses you and interfaces your faculties with nature. We set aside opportunity to extend amid the day to anticipate muscle strain. On occasion we likewise stop along the trail to truly welcome the environment and contemplate the sound of a streaming waterway or participate in a mountain looking reflection. Evenings are set apart with yoga nidra – guided unwinding which permits us to incorporate the day’s encounters and is profoundly restoring. This mix of trekking, yoga and care is a certain approach to associate with yourself and to help discover internal adjust and amicability in the common setting of world’s most astounding mountains. We offer yoga treks in the areas of Annapurna, Everest, Langtang and Mustang.


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