Kathmandu, Lumbini, Pokhara, Chitwan Cycling Tour

Trip Introduction


The 1-day Kathmandu Cycling Tour provides its participants an opportunity to understand the rich culture of Kathmandu valley which is also filled with historic sites, ancient temples, shrines and fascinating villages. Through our cycling tour you will not only get to be a part of the grandeur but will also have the opportunity to mingle with the locals along the way.

Our day will begin with a satisfying breakfast followed by a cycling trip to Chobhar gorge which is located 9km southwest of Kathmandu valley. Here, you will learn about a mythical legend that revolves around the making of the valley. You will also visit Adinath temple situated on top of the hill and enjoy the picturesque view of the valley.



I have a dream, to see Nepal host world’s top cycling event ‘Tour de Lumbini’ watched by 100’s of millions worldwide. I would like to see the world watch cyclists travel from the base of Mount Kanchenjunga (3rd highest mountain in the world, all the way through beautiful hills of Nepal down to the birthplace of buddha, Lumbini. I am sure, this would be the loveliest as well as the toughest cycling race in the world! And this would take one concrete step closer to building a prosperous Nepal within our lifetime. I decided to enter the annual ‘Tour de Lumbini’ to help fulfill this big dream I along with many other Nepalese have. ‘Tour de Lumbini’ is an annual cycling rally (not a race yet) from Kathmandu to Lumbini on the eve of Buddha’s birthday. I decided to support this noble initiative which has a potential to make it big within the next decade.



Pokhara is situated at about 827 meter from sea level, and is located 124 miles (about 200 km) west of Kathmandu.It is Headquater fo West Reagion Nepal. Can be reached by Fly in 30 minutes or in 5 hours by overland. It is the next destination after Kathmandu for many adventure and pleasure trips in and around Pokhara. It is often called the enchanting Himalayan valley with a heart of major actions and adventures.

Surrounded by beautiful snow-caped mountains, with a magnificent lake of crystal-clear pure Himalayan water, all-year round pleasing weather, and friendly Pokhralis will greet you with a smile and leave you with the most unforgettable moments in your life.



Nepal is made up of many different geographical regions and this ride takes you right through them, from the heart of the Kathmandu valley and through the mid hills of Nepal down to the flat lands of the Terai which boarder with India where you will find subtropical jungles, rich and varied wildlife and a completely different lifestyle and culture than the rest of Nepal. This ride offers up some challenging climbing, awesome downhill’s and fun single tracks for the intermediate to advanced rider.

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