Rara Lake Trek

Trip Introduction

Rare Lake Trek is a remote trekking trial in Nepal that takes thrill seekers to the largest lake in Nepal, the Rara Lake. Tread on lush forests, and reach one of the most serene locations in the world, the Rara Lake with the expert tram of guides and porters of Bomjan Treks and Expedition, surely set to make your experience something to remember for a lifetime.


The 10-day trek begins with visits to UNESCO World Heritage Sies in Nepal and transverses through remote villages with a promise of solitude and serenity. The major attraction of the trekking trail is undoubtedly the Rara Lake (3010m) whose azure blue waters and the reflection of the mighty peaks surrounding it calls for a picturesque spot. Rara Lake is aptly called the Queen of Lakes and once you reach the vicinity of the lake, the meaning of the name becomes even clearer.


The Rara Lake is situated in the smallest and the most scenic national park of Nepal, the Rara National Park. The undisturbed lake allows enthius9sits also to explore the unique flora and fauna that surrounds it. Walk through remote villages like Jumla, ethnic inhabitants, and coniferous forests and explore the serenity of the Rara Lake in contrast with the dry, snow-capped peaks that lie beyond with the Rara Lake Trek.

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