groues jean marc (from france)

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

nous avons fait un treck à ghorepani poon hill il y a 2 ans,un souvenir inoubliable
nous parrainons ègalement la fondation bomzam pour les enfants orphelins,rejoignez nous dans cette belle experience.

groues jean marc (from france)

Bomzan & Dolma Social Services Nepal

nous avons fait un superbe treck dans les annapurna il y a 2 ans avec mr lachhuman ,vraiment fantastique.
nous parrainons également la fondation bomzam pour les enfants orphelins .joignez vous à cette belle aventure.

groues jean marc (from france)

Bomzan & Dolma Social Services Nepal

we made a very good treck with mr lachhu 2years ago,it was fantastic.
we also support bomzam fondation,great fondation for orfans and poor childens,join it.


Bomzan & Dolma Social Services Nepal

Apart from our profit based Trekking & Expedition endeavors, the Bomzan treks and Expedition contributes its profits to the Bomzan & Dolma Social Service Nepal. The proceeds from all of the treks and tours are forwarded into the Bomzan & Dolma Social Service Nepal. The foundation has helped 70% orphans, 30% poor children and indigenous people in the Solukhumbu Remote area with the provision of food, clothes and shelter from the profits obtained. The basic division includes the fact that about 70% of the proceeds are forwarded to the orphan children in Solukhumbu while the rest 30% of help is targeted towards the lower caste and indigenous populations living there.


Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Trekking in Nepal is just not complete without the trek to the beautiful Annapurna Base camp reaching at the height of 4,160m. From the beautiful villages to the gorgeous forest and hills to the majestic Macchapuchre, everything keeps the travellers occupied in this epic journey.


Everest Base Camp Trek

The Everest Base Camp begins from a wondrous flight view of high cliffs, busy cities, forests, from the city of Kathmandu lands to Lukla at 2828m. The trails take to the mesmerizing Everest Base Camp and gives a view of the wildlife like the Snow Leopard, Blue Sheep, Thar , Kalij, Danphe, and more. . With serene and milky landscape, the Everest Base Camp trek gives an open view of the life of the warm and welcoming Sherpa community throughout the trail.


Ruby Valley Trek

RUBY VALLEY TREK is the most popular trekking in nepal. Ruby Valley Trek is an off beaten and unique trekking destination for avid trekkers wishing to explore the unseen areas of Nepal. Transversed by a lesser number of tourists than other trekking areas, this countryside tour easily helps you explore the depths of the beauty of Nepal and the warm and welcoming inhabitants of the Ruby Valley.