Is Nepal Safe to Travel

Hundreds and thousands of tourists visit Nepal, their first priority is to trek in the serene mountains and take additional day tour in the ancient cities of Kathmandu. For most of the visitors, the main attraction of the place remains the old folks, women and children in their traditional attire passing time leisurely in different squares and streets.

Obviously, the simplicity of Nepalese people fascinates everyone. They are so docile that the tourists sometime are tempted to feel superior complex and tend to claim right on them for making pictures or filming. Surprisingly, people don’t mind ! very few people can speak English to ask something in return. Perhaps they deserve some rupees.

First of all, to recognize a guest as a God has been an age old culture and tradition in Nepal. So, most tourists find that the Nepalese Hospitality is enticing. So, this should be enough to assure that when you are in Nepal, you can feel it at home although away from your home because it is possible only in Nepal to find people who always welcome you and serve you with that incredible smile.

One fact perhaps that foreigners might shun to have holiday in Nepal can be due to a decade long civil war. Yes, there was a long moist insurgency. Many people lost their lives. Then, there was a massacre in royal family (2001) resulting into long political instability. On the top of it, Nepal was hit by great earthquake of 7.8 Richter scale of magnitude which took lives of nearly 9000 thousand in 2015 April 25. Despite all such tragedies, Nepal could stand back to normal life quite soon. It was possible only because the people living in this land are extremely tolerant and optimistic.