Bomzan Social Services Nepal

Bomzan Social Services Nepal is a service-oriented initiative that converts the lifetime experience of thrill seekers to explore the beauty of the world, into a service that helps poor and marginalized people achieve their dreams of a life without poverty.


Bomzan  Social Services Nepal is funded by the Bomzan Treks and Expedition, and the profit obtained from the endeavors of the Bomzan Treks and Expedition is utilized for the help of marginalized people in the Solukhumbu region of Nepal. Up to date, the Bomzan Social Services Nepal, with the help of Bomzan Treks and expedition, has helped 62 orphans, poor children and indigenous people in the Solukhumbu region with the provision of food, clothes, and shelter. With help from our esteemed clients, the Bomzan Social Services Nepal will surely continue its work in the betterment of life of people in the poverty-stricken areas of Nepal.


Apart from our profit based Trekking & Expedition endeavors, the Bomzan treks and Expedition contributes its profits to the Bomzan Social Services Nepal. The proceeds from all of the treks and tours are forwarded into the Bomzan Social Services Nepal . The Social Services Nepal has helped 70% orphans, 30% poor children and indigenous people in the Solukhumbu Remote area with the provision of food, clothes and shelter from the profits obtained. The basic division includes the fact that about 70% of the proceeds are forwarded to the orphan children in Solukhumbu while the rest 30% of help is targeted towards the lower caste and indigenous populations living there.

Be a part of the initiative, simply trek or carry out tour activities with us and you are set to help marginalized communities better their life and dream of better future. Volunteer your help for helping the Social Services Nepal  becomes steadier and better in the days to come. Interested individuals can also donate to the Social Services Nepal, and play their part in making the world a better place for the marginalized people living in the remote areas of Nepal.


In this year 2017,we have distributed jackets to the orphanage. Some Canadian clients have visited in this school. we also give attention to sports .therefore this year we have organized football game & this is the first time in that area .


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2017-06-16 19:12:58

groues jean marc (from france) says:

nous avons fait un superbe treck dans les annapurna il y a 2 ans avec mr lachhuman ,vraiment fantastique. nous parrainons également la fondation bomzam pour les enfants orphelins .joignez vous à cette belle aventure.

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