About Us

Bomzan Nepal Treks and Expedition is a locally owned and managed company established by a team of individuals who share an inherent interest to serve the tourism fraternity and help thrill seekers explore the beauty of nature and manmade beauties. The founding member of the company is Mr. Lachhuman Bomzan Tamang, who have great experience of more than 15 years in the field of trekking and climbing in Nepal. Mr. Bomzan experiences also spans in trekking around the high passes of Europe , Tibet  and Nepal.

Our aim is to provide the quality of service to our clients. We focus more on demand of our clients and provide a better understanding of the destinations so as to create a lifetime experience. Our services in the trekking, touring and expedition fraternity spans around 17 years and we have carried out trekking endeavors all over Nepal. We have carried out expeditions to several 7000 m peaks, 6000 m peaks, and higher 8000 m peaks. We have successfully completed the summit to the Mt. Everest (8848m), Mt. Manaslu (8156 m) and the Mt. Dhaulaigiri (8167m). Our services have won hearts of thousands of people over the years, and we look forward to doing the same in the days to come. Our leaders and guides are selected on basis of their physical fitness and their prior experience in the traveling sector, and we thrive to give the best. Our team comprises of Mountain Leader, Mountain Leader Instructor, NMA General Member and soon.

Needless to state, we are what you search for a trekking, expedition or tour activity that will leave your heart’s content and minds happy.

Apart from our profit based Trekking & Expedition company, the Bomzan Nepal treks and Expedition contributes its profits to the Bomzan Social Service Nepal. The profit from all of the treks and tours are forwarded into the Bomzan Social Service Nepal. The foundation has helped 70% orphans, 30% poor children and indigenous people in the remote area of Solukhumbu with the provision of food, clothes and shelter from the profits obtained. The basic division includes the fact that about 70% of the proceeds are forwarded to the orphan children in Solukhumbu while the rest 30% of help is targeted towards the lower caste and indigenous populations living there.

Come experience the best time of your life with the guided trekking, touring and expedition journeys with us, apart from being able to explore the depths of nature, also embark on an opportunity to help marginalized communities live a better life. Take off for your adventure with us and book today!

My Experience Certificate from Trekking and Climbing